About us

About Us

Mkuki na Nyota Publisher’s vision is to be an independent, vibrant Tanzanian imprint publishing relevant, progressive, liberating, affordable and entertaining content.

Mkuki na Nyota Publishers Ltd. (MNP) is an independent book publishing company based in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and publishes educational, scholarly/trade, children’s and art books in Tanzania and Eastern Africa for worldwide distribution.

Established in 1991, Mkuki na Nyota Publishers emerged in response to the general absence of high quality, independent publishing in Tanzania. Our mission statement is to publish, “Relevant Books, Affordable Books, and Beautiful Books”.

Through our work we aim to encourage and develop a culture of reading in Tanzania, as well as nurturing indigenous literature as a method of preserving and sharing stories.

Information for authors

We are open to submissions of all manuscripts. If you are an author and are interested in submitting a manuscript to us please contact us for further information:

E-mail: publishing[at]mkukinanyota.com
Telephone: +255 22 286 5410/1 and +255 787 558 448
Main office: 24 Samora avenue, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
P.O. Box 4246

Publishing services

Mkuki na Nyota Publishers offer a range of publishing and printing services for self-financed works. Depending on your needs we can offer editing, design, and printing services.

How to order

For customers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, you can now place your order through our website! Select the books you would like by clicking ‘Add to cart’ and process your order through the checkout. Please note that currently we only offer customer collection from TPH Bookshop and payment on collection.

For all other orders please contact us for information on how to place an order.
E-mail: buy[at]mkukinanyota.com
Telephone: +255 22 286 5410/1 and +255 787 558 448

All current titles published by Mkuki na Nyota are available to purchase from the TPH Bookstore located at 24 Samora Ave, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Our books are also distributed all over Tanzania and are available in all fine bookshops throughout East Africa.

African Books Collective (ABC) is our main distributor in Europe and North America. They offer online ordering with prices in US dollars, Euros, and Pounds Sterling. In addition, MNP books are available through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Lightning Source (UK and US), and through Gardners, UK.

Booksellers & resellers

If you are a bookseller or retailer and interested in distributing Mkuki na Nyota books, please contact us.

Love your great children's books! Was delighted to find them in both English and Ki-Swahili versions at Kase Bookstore in Arusha

Children Books

This was A Great READ...They should make a MOVIE out of this NOVEL.. You were right, once I started reading I couldn't put it down...

Kai Singo
Kai SingoReader

It's so beautiful to see a book with names from our own Tanzania

Caine Prize Anthology
Caroline Anande UliwaMusician/Poet/Reader

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