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Mkama Mwijaribu

Treeland is an imaginary land in an imaginary era. It is populated by a jolly people that love two things above everything else: laughter and trees, hence, Treeland: The Land of Laughter. Between peals of laughter Treelanders tend their trees with forests and loving care. They never cut down trees, or act in any way that would destroy their natural environment. This tale is at once traditional and current, conventional and unconventional, modern and post-modern, existential but optimistic. Treeland: The Land of Laughter is a novel intended for young people, but readers of all ages will enjoy it.

About the author

Mkama Mwijaraubi has been writing stories from an early age. His first juvenile store, title Mbulabesi, was publish in 2003, Treeland is his second story.

This book has received the following awards

First prize in the Burt Award for African Literature writing competition in 2009

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